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About Us

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services has been a leader in the commercial title insurance industry for the last 20 years. As the largest, independent national title agency, Kensington Vanguard’s presence spans the country. We are licensed in over 40 states and have exclusive issuing agreements with all the major underwriters. Kensington Vanguard’s Energy Division is focused on championing America's energy transition and is dedicated to facilitating title insurance transactions for renewable energy developments across America.


Tara Brown-Selders, VP Business Development

Tara Brown-Selders’ experience and knowledge of the title insurance process along with her entrepreneurial skills and passion for renewable energy has been instrumental in leading the Energy Division at Kensington Vanguard. Having prior experience as a project manager, title coordinator and small green business owner, Brown-Selders acquired numerous skills and successfully utilizes her unique talents in many ways. Tara understands the needs of her clients and continues to build fruitful relationships with executives, developers, underwriters and service providers with great success. This in turn, fuels her passion for climate action, ESG and DEI initiatives, making her an excellent addition to the KV family. In 2023, Tara joined the National board of EcoWomen, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and empower women to become leaders for the environmental community through educational and professional development opportunities. She recently became Vice President and is looking forward to expanding EcoWomen’s capabilities. Brown-Selders earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Houston and is currently enrolled in the University of Houston Clear Lake’s Master of Business Administration program with a focus on Environmental Management. In her spare time, Tara enjoys spending time with family, relaxing on the beach in Galveston or at a park on a nice Houston day as well as traveling whenever possible.

Vision and Mission

KV Energy’s mission is to be the title insurance leader supporting America’s energy transition through our expertise, flexibility, strong relationships, positivity, efficiency, and continued dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

Why Us

Kensington Vanguard’s Energy Division is dedicated to supporting America’s energy transition and has developed a custom approach to effectively serve the renewable energy industry. Having the flexibility to work with all the major underwriters based on client preference and/or a project’s needs is critical. KV’s ability to represent clients and their projects regardless of size, location or complexity, is necessary to achieve the goals the renewable energy industry has set.

Our Strengths

Title insurance costs can vary greatly based on project size, location, state laws and rates plus negotiated premiums. At Kensington Vanguard, we strive to obtain the best pricing for every project without compromising coverages. KV’s ability to work with our clients throughout the entire title process results in clear communication, efficiency, and consistency. Our team of expert underwriters work hand in hand with the best insurers to identify and resolve issues prior to closing to promote a smooth closing experience. And we work with vetted title providers, plus our dedicated KV Energy team to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Tara Brown-Selders
VP, Business Development
Kensington Vanguard Energy Division
cell (832) 212-3581